Who are we?

Urbuntu is a company focussed on frontier (small town) real estate and housing markets


‘Urbuntu’ is a portmanteau of ‘urban’ and ‘ubuntu’ (Nguni philosophy of humanity) emphasising places that have economic vitality, are equitable, and in which people are able to thrive.

Mission and Method

The company seeks to invest in, and develop prototypes that bridge informal and formal markets, from the bottom up; by structuring urban settlements as investable assets, which appreciate in social and economic value over time, and from the top down; by creating instruments that enable and normalize affordable housing as investment assets.

Investment and Advisory

Urbuntu believes in learning by doing. We are involved in project investment and implementation. This work involves identifying projects, building pipelines, packaging them into risk-managed entities ready for investment, successfully delivering projects that create value for end users and market-based returns for investors.

On the basis of this experience, we provide advisory services to public and private entities that have common purpose and have been privileged to support a wide range of public and private sector actors including:

  • National and Local Government Bodies
  • International Finance Institutions (IFI’s / DFI’s)
  • Institutional Investors (Pension Funds etc)
  • Private Equity (Family Offices)
  • Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO’s)
  • Private Business / Employers